Is It Really Worth the Money to Buy ProWritingAid?

Is It Really Worth the Money to Buy ProWritingAid?

In this review of ProWritingAid, I will discuss how this checker programme and style editor may be of assistance to you, how effectively it helps your writing, and whether or not purchasing ProWritingAid is worth the money.

I’ll also describe the key differences between ProWritingAid and some of the other high-end grammar checker software that’s now on the market.

I’ve also included information at the bottom of the page regarding a free book that their team has written that will assist you in becoming a better writer. You may also be able to get a discount on this grammar and spelling checker.

This ProWritingAid review will explain whether or not the editing software can be helpful to you, regardless of whether you are an author, editor, copywriter, student, or professional.

Ready? Let’s dig in.

Is It Really Worth the Money to Buy ProWritingAid

What exactly is the ProWritingAid tool?

Bloggers, authors, and business writers may all benefit from using ProWritingAid since it is a premium grammar checker and style editor. When people use this editing software, it helps them fix mistakes, choose better words, and fix grammar and punctuation more quickly.

It is helpful for verifying everything from blog posts and articles to books and editor’s notes, as well as any other stuff you can think of!

The editing programme known as ProWritingAid may be accessed on both Windows and Mac computers via their respective web browsers. In addition to that, it is compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and, oddly enough, the widely used book writing programme Scrivener.

At the time that this review was being written, the firm did not have any specialised applications available for either iOS or Android.

Although anyone can use this tool to edit and verify the grammar in their work, fiction writers will find it especially useful.

Later on in my review of ProWritingAid, I will go into more detail regarding the reasons why fiction writers would find this grammar check programme, also known as ProWritingAid (no pun intended), to be very helpful.

Who Can Benefit from Using ProWritingAid?

Is It Really Worth the Money to Buy ProWritingAid

The target audience for ProWritingAid includes bloggers, businesspeople, and writers of all stripes. Anyone who spends a significant amount of time writing, whether it be novels, essays, or reports, may benefit from using it.

It is not necessary to subscribe on a regular basis, in contrast to the majority of other grammar checkers. Instead, you have to pay a one-time fee to get the software. Even though this is the case, you will still have to pay extra for the plagiarism checker reports.

Because it does not charge a monthly fee, ProWritingAid is an excellent option for those who are very careful with their finances or who are opposed to paying fees on a recurring basis.

What exactly does the ProWritingAid programme do?

You are able to use ProWritingAid to check both your grammar and your spelling. Additionally, it will assist in enhancing the readability of whatever that you write.

You are able to use ProWritingAid to check for any of the following:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors are present.
  • Sentences that are difficult to follow tend to flow together.
  • Poor choice of words, particularly those that are ambiguous, abstract, and repetitive.
  • Inconsistent tenses
  • Unsatisfactory readability

For the sake of this ProWritingAid review, I gave both the desktop application and the online version a thorough workout. At the conclusion of this review, I will provide a more in-depth explanation of how ProWritingAid works.

Nevertheless, the fundamental process is as follows:

  • Launch the desktop application known as ProWritingAid.
  • You may upload your paper to the ProWritingAid website (which supports Word, Scrivener, Markdown, text files, and more).
  • It scans your documents.
  • It will bring up a new editing tool panel with the text from your blog posts or other things you’ve sent to check for grammar.
  • The red-highlighting of misspelt words that the spell checker provides is a useful feature.
  • It shows in yellow any problems with style, sentence structure, or writing, like when you use passive voice.
  • It indicates grammatical problems in blue.
  • In the editing tool, if you move your mouse pointer over a highlighted word like one of the spelling or grammatical errors, you will get a recommended correction.

Is It Really Worth the Money to Buy ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid has features that will help you check a story or article for the following problems:

  • Clichés
  • Overused words
  • Sentences that make your reader have to take more time (sticky sentences)
  • words that are both vague and abstract.
  • The wrong tense was used.
  • Words and phrases that are identical to others.
  • The length of the sentence
  • readability of your text as a whole.

This online editing tool provides reports on all of these distinct parts of your content and offers advice on how to enhance each component of your writing process.

In addition to this,

This tool for assisting with writing offers a lot more than simply a grammatical check. It serves as a writing guide and compares your work to that of the most accomplished authors in your field of interest.

These reports are an integral component of ProWritingAid’s functionality and may be seen at the very top of the editing toolbar. The free edition of ProWritingAid provides its users with 22 different reports, which is more than enough for the average writer (25 in the paid version).

I’ve tried quite a few other grammar and spelling checkers, and most of them don’t supply authors with nearly as much information as this one does.

Is There a Risk of Plagiarism with Your Content?

There are a lot of people who read my blog who are curious about whether or not the information that they publish to ProWritingAid is at risk of being stolen or plagiarised.

My response is that using ProWritingAid is risk-free.

After the analysis is complete, the programme will not save or save any of the text that you have provided. This is the case with the free version as well as the premium one.

Is It Really Worth the Money to Buy ProWritingAid

Premium version of ProWritingAid

  • 0 USD per year (free version).
  • Monthly payment of $20
  • $79 per year, which comes out to a monthly cost of $6.60.
  • $399 for access for a whole lifetime (including all future updates).

You won’t need to pay a membership fee as you would with other grammar checkers since there isn’t one. It is also cheaper than other premium grammar checks, which usually cost between €20 and €30 per month.

There is an additional fee for using the plagiarism checker. Ten checks cost ten dollars, or ten dollars each month, and one hundred checks cost forty euros.

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You also have the option of purchasing the ProWritingAid Premium Plus version, which comes with 50 checks each year. That is an additional ten dollars or ten euros.

Is there a fee for using ProWritingAid?

There is a free version of ProWritingAid available. However, its functionality is severely constrained.

ProWritingAid free version (no annual fee):

  • A Concise Report Outlining the Major Concerns
  • 19 Putting Reports Together
  • Rewrite no more than 500 words at a time.
  • only accessible in the form of an online editing tool (no access to the desktop version).

An annual subscription to ProWritingAid Premium costs $60.

  • 0 USD per year (free version).
  • Monthly payment of $20
  • $79 per year, which comes out to a monthly cost of $6.60.
  • $399 for access for a whole lifetime (includes all future updates).

ProWritingAid Premium Plus (includes 60 annual plagiarism checks)

  • 0 USD per year (free version).
  • $24 every month.
  • $89 per year, which comes out to a monthly cost of $6.60.
  • It’s a $499 one-time fee for access forever (including all future updates).

If you are interested in purchasing one of the premium packages, you may ask for a free trial of the service for a period of 14 days and evaluate whether or not it meets your needs.

ProWritingAid policy on refunds

They have a return policy in place for customers who are apprehensive about using ProWritingAid but still want to give it a go.

Is It Really Worth the Money to Buy ProWritingAid

What I Thought About ProWritingAid and Why

I contribute to a variety of non-fiction magazines, such as Forbes, with my writing.

The steps I usually take to use a grammar checker on these articles are as follows:

  • I recommend using IA Writer or Scrivener to compose the article.
  • My preferred editing tool accepts draughts that are copied and pasted from either IA Writer or Scrivener.
  • Check it over for any mistakes.
  • Make the necessary changes to my document’s source file, which is held in IA Writer or Scrivener.
  • Publish or submit your work to an editor.

While I was working on this review of ProWritingAid, I made some adjustments to my writing routine, which allowed me to save some time.

I used the desktop application to access my source file, and then I altered my documents immediately using the pro-writing help editing tool. There was no need for me to copy and paste anything.

“Writing geek alert!”

I use Markdown as the primary markup language for my articles and IA Writer as my primary writing tool. The addition of fundamental HTML to reviews and articles like this one is made easier by this method.

When ProWritingAid told me I could import Markdown files, like the ones that hold my blog posts, I was pleasantly surprised.

However, it does not make it possible to live preview the document or convert a Markdown file to a format that can be published. You also can’t make a library of your papers within the ProWritingAid programme itself.

ProWritingAid Review, I’ll Share My Thoughts.

I thought that this grammar checker would be a great tool for novelists and fiction writers.


However, professional grammar checkers such as Grammarly and Ginger have a limit on the number of words that may be analysed simultaneously. This indicates that the only way to check a whole book is by doing it chapter by chapter.

On the other hand, ProWritingAid enables you to examine many documents at once, regardless of their size—including your book, for example.

In a similar vein, the fact that it can analyse a piece of writing to determine whether or not it contains clichés, how accessible it is, and whether or not it uses passive voice is a beneficial tool for authors who wish to produce tales that are easier to read.

How to buy Prowritingaid cheap?

Buy Prowritingaid group buy cheap from Toolsurf starting just $1 per day trial.


  • Can I use ProWritingAid without an internet connection?

To use ProWritingAid, you will need to be connected to the internet. It will install a programme on your computer that will link to an algorithm that is stored online.

  • Is it safe to use ProWritingAid?

After you have completed an analysis using this grammar checker, your work will not be stored or saved in any way. Therefore, it is quite safe. There is no need for you to be concerned about plagiarism.

  • How can I request a refund for my purchase of ProWritingAid?

You get a full 14 days to evaluate ProWritingAid without incurring any costs. If you are not satisfied with the service, the customer care staff will gladly issue you a refund.

  • How Reliable Is the ProwritingAid Website?

The grammar and spelling checkers in ProWritingAid can be relied on to provide accurate results. It can be used by anyone to improve their writing, detect and correct errors and typos, and find better words to use.In addition to that, it has a helpful plagiarism checker.

  • Does ProWritingAid provide an extension for Google Chrome?

It is possible to install a Chrome extension that will analyse your online writing for grammatical errors. This includes tweets, blog posts, and email messages.

  • Is ProWritingAid a more effective writing tool than Grammarly?

The alternative to Grammarly that we recommend is ProWritingAid. It is also very helpful for fiction authors, despite the fact that it is just as true.