Adspy Review: How to get Adspy at affordable pricing?

Adspy Review: How to get Adspy at affordable pricing?

The top Facebook and social media monitoring tool AdSpy makes it simple for you to keep tabs on the Facebook ad tactics employed by your rivals. Online marketing has been dramatically altered by AdSpy. Without it, you will never measure up to your rivals.

The largest Facebook ad database, consisting of around 74.2 million ads from 198 different countries, is held by AdSpy. A landing page, an ad campaign, etc. of your competitors can be observed and copied using this reasonably priced PPC and advertising spying tool’s incredible filters and search criteria.

You can look up anything linked to Facebook advertisements using its search criteria, including new products, items that your rivals are selling, the best-performing ads, items with the biggest demand, new commercials, etc. You may even sort them based on factors like daily likes, the URL of the Facebook ad page, affiliate ID, languages, etc.

To achieve the best results, you can use AdSpy to monitor keywords, follow competitors’ strategies, and more. AdSpy is a very effective application that offers the best features and has a variety of technological filters. Powerful software called AdSpy assists top advertisers in keeping their Facebook and Instagram advertising fresh and creative in order to boost sales and revenue. AdSpy’s search features and filtering capabilities can be utilised to find possible business prospects.

What is AdSpy

The world’s biggest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram advertisements is AdSpy. Finding the advertising you need to see becomes a simple task using our unmatched collection of data and cutting-edge search capability.

Adspy Review: How to get Adspy at affordable pricing?


  • Better Basic Search

The features you anticipate are improved. Search based on the ad’s text, the advertiser’s name, how many people have liked it, what kind of media it employs, etc. Filter the results by the date the advertisement was last seen. How do customers respond? Which commercial has run the farthest? AdSpy can be as effective as you want it to be.

  • Peruse the comments

Social media users are labelling advertising for you using our comment search. Look through the comments on the ads using the terms you consider significant: observe your own brands, those of your rivals, or check to see what has received favourable or unfavourable feedback.

  • Reliable demographic

This technology can precisely determine who an advertisement is trying to target based on their region, gender, and age range thanks to its unmatched contributor network. There’s a chance that your rivals are prevailing in areas and industries you haven’t yet thought about. You can see them all on that list.

  • Affiliate friendly

We designed the tool because we are affiliates ourselves. You can search for individual affiliates and offers or browse ads by affiliate network. Have you recently received a fantastic deal from your network? See how others are promoting it by searching with the offer ID. In order to ensure that you receive accurate information directly from the landing pages, it also avoids cloakers.

  • Huge Data

Simply put, you have access to the most data using this tool. You can be sure that it already knows if a popular product is about to take off, and dropshippers need to be informed.

  • Quick interface

Searching through millions of documents in a matter of seconds is no easy process. Nothing can slow down your research thanks to quick servers, effective programming, simple interfaces, and well-presented data.

Why do you need to use AdSpy?

You have complete control over the quickly evolving online advertising platforms thanks to data from social media sites. You may evaluate global trends with complete objectivity thanks to global coverage. The simple layout will make it easy for you to find the ads that you and your business need to be aware of thanks to the comprehensive search and filter tools.

Who should use AdSpy?

Anyone who uses Facebook or Instagram ads should use AdSpy to find out how their rivals are advertising on Facebook and improve their own ads in order to have a successful campaign.

Adspy Review: How to get Adspy at affordable pricing?

What can you get from AdSpy?

  1. You can locate the information you want, how you want, using AdSpy because it has the greatest search possibilities of any ad intelligence tool.
  2. Find the advertisements you need to see in one location and with one tool. The only available ad intelligence tool with top social media data is AdSpy.
  3. Examine what has and hasn’t worked in order to build on what you know will resonate with customers to secure your success on these crowded platforms.
  4. Your campaign has the best chance of success because of their constantly growing selection of advertisements.
  5. Based on one of the largest databases of advertisements you can discover, AdSpy has access to 125.2 million+ ads in 88 different languages and 217 different countries.
  6. You’ll go through enormous amounts of data using the rapid, intelligent interface until you find what your campaign requires.

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Why choose AdSpy over alternative options?

You are completely aware of the most recent developments regarding the Facebook marketing platform if you use AdSpy. AdSpy’s primary function is to monitor your rivals’ Facebook tactics so you can grow your company. AdSpy additionally provides you with the following advantages in comparison to other social media spying tools:

  • It aids in locating the most effective advertising efforts.
  • It also helps to be familiar with the brands of your competitors.
  • It offers a number of search tools that enable you to research market trends.
  • It has search and filter functionality.
  • Your conversion can be tracked.
  • Finding popular and trending products is simple.
  • It provides details on affiliates.
  • Massive ad data is found with its assistance.
  • In comparison to testing campaigns, it saves you a lot of time and money.
  • These outstanding characteristics set AdSpy apart from existing social network ad intelligence tools, which it replaces. All these fantastic features are absent from other social media surveillance software.

Pros and Cons


  • A very cost-effective tool for affiliates
  • Additional 50k views are available for a fee.
  • improved search outcomes
  • massive library of Instagram and Facebook ads
  • useful and practical characteristics
  • Zero restrictions on account sharing


  • Certain searches might time out.
  • There are a few reasons why Facebook is overrun with feature ads.

How to sign up with AdSpy

The first thing you must do is create an AdSpy account before you can begin using the service. The registration procedure is really basic and straightforward.

You must first visit the official AdSpy website, where you must then seek out the “Get Started” option. When you click the “Get Started” button, you will be prompted to input some very important information, such as:

  • First Name Last Name Email Address
  • business name (optional)
  • Passwords

You must click the “Register” button to complete the registration procedure. Your confirmation link will be sent by AdSpy to the email address you have on file. It is imperative that you click the verification link to validate your account. You may quickly log in using your email address and password after creating your account.

Pricing for AdSpy

AdSpy offers an excellent price when compared to other social media spying solutions that are on the market. There is only one pricing option available, and it costs $149 per month. The price is reasonable for all the services that AdSpy provides.

How to buy Adspy cheap?

Buy Adspy group buy cheap from Toolsurf starting just $29 per month and save more then $120 per month. Cheap Adspy account exclusive for limited number of users.


​Due to its useful capabilities, AdSpy is among the greatest tools for monitoring the tactics of your Facebook rivals. It provides everything you need to grow your company to new heights.

You ought to have this tool if you are an experienced marketer or advertiser. With this tool, you can quickly and easily conduct a thorough search for all of your competitors, saving both time and money. Once you know which ideas work and which ones don’t, you can choose them with ease.

In this thorough AdSpy review, I hope to have answered the question “Why AdSpy is the No. 1 Spy Tool.” I have faith that you’ll buy this superb instrument, which gives you all the information you need to advance your e-commerce venture.