Shutterstock Review: What is Shutterstock and How to buy cheap?

Shutterstock Review: What is Shutterstock and How to buy cheap?

Stock photos are an essential part of any creative’s arsenal. But, while you may have heard the term “stock photos”, you may not know exactly what they are or where you can find them. In this stock photography review, we will go through some background information, some of the features of the website, the pricing, and what other people are saying about the site. If you are considering using stock photos, then read on to learn more about what stock photo sites have to offer.

What is Shutterstock

Founded in 2003, Shutterstock began life as an online subscription-based image library. It now offers over 3 million royalty-free stock images, videos, and music tracks, and has over 700 employees. But, what sets it apart from the rest is the opportunity it gives to its users to sell their own work.

Shutterstock is a website with thousands of high-definition images, video footage, and music tracks available to purchase and download. Manufacturers can use these assets to create compelling and unique marketing campaigns.

Shutterstock: Advantages of using Shutterstock

So, what are the benefits of using Shutterstock? First of all, there are literally millions of royalty-free images that you can choose from. A search option and a filter feature means you should be able to find the right thing without too much hassle. If you are very specific with what you are looking for, it should only take a few minutes to find what you need.

Another pro of using the Shutterstock app is that you’re able to download stock music and footage to further customize your video. This is ideal if you’re creating a YouTube project. Downloading music from Shutterstock will help you build your channel profile and ensure you are not breaking copyright laws.

Shutterstock: Disadvantages of using Shutterstock

You can subscribe to Shutterstock’s premium plans, ranging from $129.99 for just 25 images to $1499.99 for 750 images. Alternatively, you can download a free watermarked version of a stock image to keep as-is in your non-monetized vlogs and blog.

A disadvantage of Shutterstock is that it offers few free images. In general, they are good but simply not good enough. However, you can enjoy up to 200 downloads per month with a Basic subscription.

How to buy Shutterstock at affordable pricing?

You can buy Shutterstock group buy starting just $4 per month for 2 images from Toolsurf

Shutterstock Review: What is Shutterstock and How to buy cheap?
Shutterstock Review: What is Shutterstock and How to buy cheap?
Buy Shutterstock starting $4 per month per 2 image

In Summarised: Is the product good or not worth in 2022?

This shutterstock review has hopefully shown you that shutterstock has its good and bad points. While it may not be the cheapest option, it does have millions of free images that could be used for almost any project. The subscriptions may be good value for money if you download lots of images or work in a team of people. Whether you use shutterstock or not will come down to your particular needs, so take the time to work out which plan is best for you.