A review of Adobe Stock: Is it worth it or not? (2022)

A review of Adobe Stock Is it worth it or not

What is Adobe stock?

There are millions of curated and royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates available as part of Adobe Stock, which is a service that provides designers and businesses access to millions of curated and royalty-free assets for all their creative projects.

Adobe Stock: What is it all about?

It has been part of Adobe’s portfolio since 2015, when the company purchased the stock media website Fotolia and included it within its portfolio of services. It is possible to explore and choose from a wide range of high-resolution assets for use in your creative projects, including:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Collections
  • Vector Graphics
  • Drawings and illustrations
  • A music collection

What are the benefits of using it?

If you are working on a project and you would like to make an impact with high-quality assets, Adobe Stock is the perfect solution for you. Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • The film industry
  • The designers
  • Designers of websites
  • Creators of content

It is also worth mentioning that Adobe Stock offers more than 1 million free images for you to download. Is there anything more we need to say about this? It is important to note that these images are licensed under a standard license.

What is Adobe Stock and how does it work?

The Adobe Stock service is very easy to use! There are 7 simple steps you can follow to find, purchase, and download assets.

  1. You can visit the website by clicking here.
  2. You can choose the type of file you would like to upload from the top menu, such as a photo, video, or music.
  3. Enter the topic or category you are looking for into the search bar and click on the search button.
  4. Browse the search results to find what you are looking for.
  5. You can narrow down your search by using the filters on the left hand side of the page.
  6. Please click on the asset you would like to preview in order to see what it looks like.
  7. Get a subscription or a credit pack by buying a subscription.
  8. You can download the file by clicking on the link below.
  9. Just drop it into your project and you’re done!

It is also possible to edit and preview watermarked assets inside apps like Photoshop if you are already using the Adobe Creative Cloud. As a separate service, Adobe Stock does not require you to be a member of Adobe Creative Cloud in order to use it.

How to buy Adobe stock at affordable pricing?

You can buy Adobe stock group buy starting just $4 per month for 2 images from Toolsurf

Buy Adobe stock starting $4 per month per 2 image

The Adobe Stock Review – Is It Worth It?

The answer is yes, in a nutshell! Aside from access to millions of high-resolution and high-quality creative assets, Adobe Stock also provides you with the ability to create your own assets. You can basically think of it as a one-stop shop for all kinds of creative assets that can make your project stand out from the crowd.

The credit packs and subscriptions are also reasonably priced and provide royalty-free licenses that you will be able to maintain even if you decide to stop using Adobe Stock in the future. It is even possible to download free assets from the website.