Ahrefs Group Buy

ahrefs group buy

Ahrefs helps Audit your website, explore competitors, research keywords & backlinks – all in one place. Powered by seriously big data & trusted by top SEOs.


Do you know how to track your keywords, backlinks, mention of your brand on the net using ahrefs group buy and to know what your competitors are doing? You have to use Ahrefs tool to know all about it. There are various reasons why one should use this tool.

Why Ahrefs is Best Seo Tool?

Do You Know Fact #1:  600,000 users use this tool to rank higher

People use this SEO software due to the quality of the data against which the analysis is done. It does a great job regarding the crawling of the website and the reports it delivers are accurate. Regarding backlink analysis, none other analysis tool comes close to it with respect to the size of index, freshness and the ease of usability. Anyone who is serious about SEO needs to use this tool.

Do you know Fact #2: It uses the biggest and most accurate database

It is seen that lots of people all over the world use this Ahrefs tool. There are various reasons for this usage. Let us see those.

  • Over 4 billion web pages are crawled every day by this tool.
  • The index size of this tool is 12 trillion. This enhances the indexing property of this tool.
  • It is powered by 10 petabytes of storage.

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Site Explorer

It offers the best checker tool that can check backlinks. One can get a detailed profile regarding the backlink that is used in a website or a URL. One will be able to see which websites are linked to them, the nature of the anchors that are used by the linked websites and also can know about the strength of the backlink that is used in that particular site. It has the means to discover the data that is most relevant regarding backlink.

Positions Explorer

This tool lets one analyze the websites of their competitors. It helps to analyze each and every keyword that the competitors use. The analysis report that is given by this tool helps to know which page is ranking in what position. It also lets one know how much traffic both organic and paid is being received by a website. It also gives one the insight of the ads that are used by the competitors.

Content Explorer

Content Explorer feature of this Ahrefs tool helps to discover the content is working miracle in the field that one works in. Knowing this one can develop and design their own content so that it helps to get a higher ranking. It also lets one know which website is being linked to a particular content so that necessary steps can be taken.

Position Tracker

This feature of this tool helps to get a daily report regarding ranking data. It gives reports on your ranking in respect to different countries, languages and even the nature of ranking that you enjoy on mobile devices.


It can easily be seen how effective Ahrefs tool can be to a web owner. One can use it easily for their benefit.