Relaythat Review – Graphics App for Non-Designers

Relaythat Review – Graphics App for Non-Designers

For experienced designers There are a variety of options in software that they can use to create stunning artwork in no time. However, for those who are not designers and novices they may have to pay excessive time and money to learn the necessary abilities to work with certain programs.

What do they have to do in the end? The fact is that newbies and non-designers require an graphic design solution to simplify their work. With this in mind there have been new companies that have come out in the last few years to develop apps that give automation capabilities for social media and blog posts with images. As with any new product, this is much easier to say than done.

Luckily, a graphic design tool has come up to provide beginners and non-designers the ideal solution. In in this RelayThat review, we’ll describe the features this graphic application offers and how it can become a an extremely useful tool for those who are new to the field.

What is RelayThat?

RelayThat automates the entire process with AI-powered tools that can instantly convert brand guidelines into professional quality marketing images in minutes

RelayThat has swiftly grown into an extremely reliable, and well-known instruments for instant graphic solutions among novices, content creators or non-designers, as well as online business owners with a minimal or no experience in design. It’s not without reason!

Although it may be like other widely used tools for graphic design, RelayThat always seems to be different or have distinct characteristics that are its own.

One of those motives is the capability of RelayThat to create high-quality batches of graphics for a variety of social media platforms in only one click!

That’s one feature that is not easily found in the marketplace. With such a compelling option, RelayThat is at the top of the list of companies that can capture the attention of solo entrepreneurs who already have plenty to do. It’s because they’re able to provide high-quality graphics and content solutions for their blog as well as social media customers, despite their busy schedules.


Who Is RelayThat For?

Anyone can take advantage of the features of this efficient, quick graphics application. After you have used the app it becomes apparent that it was designed for a specific category of users in mind. That includes designers who aren’t experts as well as influencers and online business owners who don’t have an experience in design.

If you think that you are part of this category and you aren’t already making use of this app’s features then you’re not getting the full benefit. RelayThat offers amazing features that set it apart from the hundreds of other options for graphics out there.

Cool features of Relaythat

Vast Image Catalog

Over 3 million free images!
Over 3 million free images!

Images are obviously at the at the top of the list in any graphic design project. Another key characteristic making RelayThat an extremely viewed graphics applications is their large image collection which takes the quality to the highest level.

Whereas other similar apps concentrate exclusively on numbers, RelayThat focuses on both flexibility and originality. Its RelayThat rapid graphics application has more than 3 million + images that cater to all niches. Every day RelayThat’s team of experts RelayThat continuously brings new pictures, icons, and contemporary styles to keep up with the times, and most importantly, your needs.

All of their icons and images are easily accessible via an easy fast search button to make it easy for users. It allows you to search for what you’re searching for with ease.

Custom Fonts

Experts in design will inform they believe that the font is the foundation of text-based imaging. Therefore, the capability to select or design the precise font type that you require will change your perspective towards an application for design. This feature that is extremely rare is available in RelayThat.

In the first place, you’ll be able to access an large selection of stylish fonts that can be used in any field. Additionally, and most important, the app lets users to upload your own types and seamlessly incorporate them into your designs. This is not available in other design software.

So, whether you are in love with the font you designed or transfer a beautiful font from another source, just upload it and you’re ready to go!

Font Pairing

The variety of high-quality fonts is great however, professionally paired fonts are a sight to see. As with good wine and cheese The perfect combination of fonts can take your graphic project to the higher levels.

If you’re a non-designer or an expert This is an excellent and time-saving feature you should avail. Fortunately, the RelayThat’s design team RelayThat has decided to complete the work for you.

Because of their efforts, you’ll be able to use amazing fonts which have been professionally paired with whatever project you’re working on. This design choice in addition to other options, guarantees that your projects using the application will deliver excellent outcomes.

One Click Resize
One Click Resize

Ad Presets & Image Templates

As I said earlier in this article One of the best advantages of RelayThat is its ability to provide already-configured designs for blogs and social media dimensions of images.

It allows you to select from the various sizes that are suitable for social media and blogs channels. This is Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blog dimensions. Additionally, you can find the most impressive array of Google and Facebook advertisements on RelayThat for you to pick from.

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The Magic Import Tool

It’s not just an innovative and unique feature. It’s also one of the distinctive design options RelayThat offers. This tool for importation has completely revolutionized the industry, and for good reason.

This essential tool lets you import images, colors and logos from any URL on the internet to use in your work. In comparison to searching for, downloading, renaming or importing images from other websites, this program can be an excellent time saver.

After a few times using this feature, you’ll soon realize that it is an appealing feature for RelayThat in and of itself.

RelayThat is Easy to Use

One of the primary characteristics of an application is its simplicity of use. When compared with other graphic design alternatives available, RelayThat is designed to offer users the ease of use.

This is made possible through many features that are exclusive to the application. To begin, RelayThat provides the user with templates pre-designed which allow users to make professional-looking graphics in just one click.

RelayThat lets you alter the fonts and images to different sizes and make adjustments to the basic layout to allow for greater flexibility. While layouts can be fixed in some way but they don’t hinder the creativity of any kind. In fact the fixed constraints can make it easier to create graphics quicker with frequent use.

Just a few clicks you can make amazing graphics, there’s no better application that can help you create hundreds of breathtaking variations of the original idea than RelayThat.

This isn’t all. RelayThat offers sizes for images on all major social media sites to meet their image requirements. If you’re looking for to create a Facebook or Twitter cover image or Pinterest, Instagram or blog picture RelayThat has the solution for you with high-quality images that will guarantee you all clicks.

Over 3 million free images!
Over 3 million free images!

Brand Management

As a solo business owner, keeping an uncluttered and seamless brand identity across every social media platform Your blog and website are crucial. RelayThat can make this process super effortless due to the company’s Artificial Intelligence.

With RelayThat allows you to effortlessly make a consistent appearance for your company across all of your projects. To highlight what exactly this means when you create several graphic designs You will be able to keep your branding colors as well as fonts, text or even your logos.

Another thing that adds more spice for this option is the numerous designs that you can alter the design you originally created. There are many layouts you can pick from, each superior to the one before. The icing on the cake while you alter your design to different designs, you do not lose any of the original content. The program does all the reorganizing in just a couple of seconds.

Enables Sharing

If you are an entrepreneur this feature is a must. You can include teammates to join with you the RelayThat software. This could be the virtual assistant you have, designer with whom you collaborate or with, and so on.

This feature lets you are able to collaborate on your projects together with your team effortlessly and work with other designers, and avoid having to switch platforms. Everything you design and create happens in one place.

Multiple Workspaces

Another feature that is game-changing RelayThat offers that is revolutionary switching between different projects within the program in just a single click. It is possible to own more than one brand in your portfolio as an entrepreneur or working with several companies as an influencer.

With RelayThat you’re not restricted to working on just one project at one time. You can have the chance to change between and between any project that you’re working any time you want with just one click.

Price of Relaythat group buy at Toolsurf

relaythat group buy
relaythat group buy

Monthly : $3.99

Buy Relaythat group buy


Overall, RelayThat is an extremely convenient and user-friendly tool that can be used by anyone, regardless of their design experience. It is quick and easy to use, and produces high-quality results that are sure to please even the most discerning of customers. If you are in need of a quick and easy way to create professional-looking marketing materials, RelayThat is definitely the tool for you.

These are only a few of the best qualities that make RelayThat an essential part of your arsenal of design tools. Don’t be deceived. I have barely got a glimpse of all you are likely to find within this application.

From the top features to the more intricate particulars, everything points towards an app that is bound to increase in size and quality. Although the application may seem easy at first glance because of the user-friendly interface but you’ll only have to play with it for a couple of times to see the power tool it can be.

RelayThat is regularly featured on several websites and is generally receiving high praise. They include sites like AppSumo which provide influencers of the creative type as well as content creators along with business leaders with daily discounts on digitally distributed products in a constantly growing online marketplace.