Article Forge Review – Create Unlimited Unique Articles in 60 Second

Article Forge Review 2021 - Create Unlimited Unique Articles

The days of just writing a blog post or article and then publishing it are over. Nowadays, your content needs to be fresh, relevant, and engaging. Article Forge is an automated content generation tool that reads millions of articles on any given topic in order to write its own unique content based off what it has learned from them. Its original content can be used for link building, citation building, etc., and the best part is that Article Forge will keep churning out new articles for you whenever you need one!

Imagine that you could create articles for your blog, web site or other digital products in just a few minutes. That is what Article Forge does! Article Forge is an automatic content generation tool that reads millions of articles and learns from them everything about a particular topic in order to write its own content. It can be used as the basis of original content for blogs, articles, e-books and more.


What is Article forge?

Article Forge is an automatic content generation tool. It reads millions of articles and learns from them everything about a particular topic in order to write its own content. It is ideal for creating unique content for blogs, articles, e-books, web sites and selling as digital goods such as “niche reports” or “ebooks”. Its original content can be used for link building, citation building, etc.
Article Forge uses incredibly sophisticated deep understanding algorithms to automatically write articles in the same way that a human does. Article Forge reads millions of articles, learning everything it needs to know about that topic to write content in its own words. Basically, it scrapes content from the web and then spins that content, paragraphs, etc., and writes each sentence in its own words producing nonduplicate content. The company offers article writing services “that will not only keep your readers invested but will have your website ranking higher faster than ever before.
ArticleForge is a lightweight, powerful, and easy to use software which will automatically generate quality content with high word count every time!
Thanks to Article Forge 2.0’s automated article generation machine, you can create multiple unique articles in just few minutes with an ability to get them on high-traffic sites using the combination of Article Forge 2.0

 Is Article Forge the best website content writer of today?

A Powerful Content Writing Software That Creates 10X More Profitable Content!
Article Forge is the first article writing service that creates 10x more profitable articles by using its sophisticated deep understanding algorithms to come up with original content for you. With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, this software can able to come up with high-quality 100% unique non-plagiarized content, just like a human would do. It uses Scraping to collect data from other sources and spin that data into different paragraphs, sentences, etc., which are then rewritten in a way that makes you more money.

How to get Article Forge at an affordable price?

Buy Article Forge at affordable pricing from Toolsurf using Article Forge group buy for just $9.99 per month

Article Forge Pros :

It is a fully automated software that will create articles for me within minutes. It has a simple and clean interface. The price is good. With Article Forge, you can easily create unique articles to post on your website or social media account.

Article Forge Cons:

It’s limited to 750 words. The software can’t be used with free WordPress hosting providers like, Bluehost, and HostGator. The article will be created in English, so I’ll need to pay extra if I want it in other languages like Spanish or French. The content won’t always contain keyword density over the word limit and the readability tends to be low due to keyword stuffing sometimes.

Articleforge price?

The monthly price is $57 and the Yearly is $27 per month

Is any trial plan available?

Yes, 5 days free trial available.
Article Forge Review 2021 - Create Unlimited Unique Articles
Article Forge Review 2021 – Create Unlimited Unique Articles

What is new in Article Forge 2.0?

  • Article Forge can now generate content in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • You can add the Perfect Tense tool to check for spelling and grammar mistakes in content generated by Article Forge.

What do you like best? 

I like the deep understanding of algorithms used by Article Forge. It is able to create crystal clear content and not just spin content found in other places. It creates 10X higher quality content suitable for my audience and I have seen a drastic increase in my SEO due to this.
Article Forge is capable of generating high-quality, 100% unique articles within minutes with minimum effort. You just need to download the software, put in your keyword and main point, press a button and within minutes, you get an article that you can submit as new on various sites or re-post on your site again if it works for you.

What do you dislike?

The article is limited to 750 words.

Would I recommend Article Forge?

Yes, I would highly recommend Article Forge to both beginners on their journey to learn how to write content and experienced bloggers who have had a taste of what it is like.
What do you like best? ArticleForge is great for creating short article with ease but it has limited time line so the articles are not always finished on time.
What do you dislike? ArticleForge doesn’t give you any option to edit the article after its creation so when you need to modify, proofread or add more information from other sources, it’s very difficult and time taking for such simple task.

My final verdict on Article Forge


Articles generated by Article Forge does contain some spelling and grammar mistakes. But the improvements are tremendous from version to version. I am sure this software will be able to produce error-free content within few months if not sooner.
It is a powerful content writing software that can help you create unique, high-quality articles in seconds and write 10x more words than you would have been able to write on your own in that time.
Nowadays, every online business owner wants quality content for his/her website but it is quite difficult to do it. Moreover, you have to hire a professional writer who would take a lot of time and charge a hefty price as well. But that is not the way Article Forge works. You can create an unlimited number of articles everyday in minutes.
Moreover, you won’t be misled by its useless looking fake promotions and misleading claims that a lot of other article writing services make. Article Forge is the only content writing software that understands what it takes to write quality content just like a human does. It scans more than 3 billion pages on the web and uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to write original, relevant, high-quality content for you with zero-plagiarism guarantee.
Article Forge is one of few software’s that offers 100% unique content which isn’t plagiarized.