Ecomhunt Review : Find Winning Products [Is Worth It?]

Ecomhunt Review 2021 Find Winning Products [Is Worth It]

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You just opened a new Shopify store and are looking for the right product to sell. How do you choose? Looking through long lists of products could take hours, but EcomHunt can help! This AliExpress dropshipping tool makes your life easier by showing you reviews from other sellers on popular items like . Take even more time off your hands with customizable tool features like recommended pricing that make setting your prices quick and painless.

E-Commerce product sourcing tool Ecomhunt can be a godsend for those who rely on dropshipping to turn a profit. To help readers understand what the app is, and how it is helping eCommerce store owners source winning products quickly we looked into its features, costs, and reviews.The process of setting up and running a Shopify dropshipping store can be daunting. There’s so much to know. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours researching new products yourself! EcomHunt lets you decide what kind of product you want to sell, then it does the legwork for you– finding all the products that are selling best on AliExpress with just a few clicks (or taps).

EcomHunt is one of the most popular AliExpress drop shipping products research tools for beginners. It offers a wide range of powerful features and many useful resources to help you get started quickly and successfully. EcomHunt is a product research tool that curates unique and interesting dropshipping products every day. The tool gives you access to in-depth data on product information, recommended selling price, saturation degree, product analytics, Facebook Ads, and other drop shipping stores.

What is Ecomhunt?

EcomHunt is a dropship product research tool that allows dropshippers to find and pick their dropshipping products. It has an easy-to-use interface, so even if you’re not familiar with dropshipping, this can be your best dropshipping suppliers. In 2017, EcomHunt was awarded AliExpress Dropship Supplier of the Year.

Why dropshipping?

Dropshipping is affordable and simple. You only need your own dropshipping business, storage space to store products, and a website to sell the dropshippers that you’re purchasing from EcomHunt on AliExpress. It’s not like e-commerce businesses where most of the costs are related to purchasing products for resale.

What dropshipping is NOT?

Dropshipping is not an excuse for bad customer service. If you want your dropshipping business to succeed, provide quality customer service and good prices to your customers. Limiting issues only make it worse for everyone in the long run, including you!

How does EcomHunt help dropshippers?

Ecom Hunt helps dropshippers by providing high-quality dropship suppliers with competitive pricing, fast delivery speeds, and excellent customer care. In addition , dropship suppliers on EcomHunt have high product ratings (they’re curated by other dropshipper ), and their selection of products is also very comprehensive .

EcomHunt dropshipping tool is an ecommerce product sourcing platform that helps dropshippers find profitable products to dropship . Each day, EcomHunt lists dropship suppliers with the hottest dropship products on AliExpress, and offers dropshipper store owners with a suite of tools to make dropshipping more convenient.

Ecomhunt Review 2021 Find Winning Products [Is Worth It]
Ecomhunt Review 2021 Find Winning Products [Is Worth It]

How To Use EcomHunt?

To use this app you just need your Shopify dropshipping business and e-mail for using their premium services. It’s really that simple! You don’t have to comb through hundreds of searches, compare prices from multiple vendors or visit dozens of stores—you can do all that right in this dropshipping app.

A. Step 1: Browse & find dropship suppliers by product category

B. Step 2: See dropship products’ key specs, reviews and price comparison

C. Step 3 : Select dropship supplier with the best price and quantity available for dropshipping from Aliexpress

D. Step 4 : Add dropship suppliers to your ecomhunt account, then you can place dropship orders anytime you want on ecomhunt interface [In my review, I would recommend avoiding ordering through a mobile device like phone or tablet but instead choose chrome browser for fastest interaction]

EcomHunt dropshipping tool allows you to search for dropshipping products in a range of categories and subcategories. These options allow you to focus on niche dropship items that may be selling well for other sellers. After selecting your preferences, Ecomhunt dropshipping app will curate the best dropship products from AliExpress. The product recommendations are based on popularity factors like average sales, number of competing sellers, price to average revenue ratio etc.

EcomHunt also lets you filter dropship product results by things like the status of a listing (active or inactive) and it’s price (from low to high). Finally, each recommended dropship item has an estimated profit margin so that you can choose which dropship items give you the biggest return.

Getting dropship information on the products is only half of what you need to know. You also need to be able to set your dropship prices effectively so that you’re not spending all day setting prices and worrying about being undercut by competitors. The recommended pricing tool lets you enter a dropship price or choose from suggested drop shipping prices for each product.

There are different pricing strategies that you can use based on how competitive an item is, and this helps you figure out which dropshipping strategy will work best for each dropshipping item.

You’ll want your items to stand out on their own, but some dropship sellers like to create kits around certain themes or styles in order to appeal to wider audiences. If you’re dropshipping fashion items, you can create a dropshipping bundle based on gender or body shape. When dropship sellers bundle dropship items together it makes the dropshipping store look more professional and helps customers feel like they’re getting a deal.

EcomHunt Pricing?

  • The free version of EcomHunt allows you to access all basic features. It provides 2 products each day and limited product data.
  • The PRO version costs $29 per month and includes unlimited products, full data access, unlimited saves and no delays on new items that are posted.

What dropshipping product is EcomHunt recommending?

Ecomhunt dropshipping app works best when you use it as a dropshipping research tool, which means that you should use this dropshipping app to do your initial dropship product sourcing before moving on to other dropshipper tools like Oberlo and JumoreGlobal. There are many dropship products available on ecommerce stores but little of them have the potential to bring in consistent sales. EcomHunt uses several factors to curate high-selling dropship products including reviews from previous sellers, market competition, average selling price and much more. This makes it easier for new dropshippers to identify good dropship products to dropship.

Ecomhunt Review 2021 Find Winning Products [Is Worth It]
Ecomhunt Review 2021 Find Winning Products [Is Worth It]

How much does dropshipping cost?

When it comes to dropshipping app pricing, you can get the dropshipping app for $99 once and use it forever without paying again. If you are dropshipping on a regular basis then there is an upgrade option available at $199 per month which gives you access to EcomHunt’s dropshipper glossary feature. The EcomHunt dropshipper glossary feature allows you to search ecommerce terms and get detailed explanations (along with images). This makes it easier for users who are looking for information about dropship products without having the time or need to research extensively.


  • Facebook Ads and Insights – EcomHunt provides product data and insights on competitor stores. EcomHunt drives a lot of traffic to their website and can be used by any person who wants to buy products for resale, including women or men that want to sell products online.
  • Hot Products – One of the benefits that you can be sure of is picking out the bestselling products. The members know what are going to become viral before other stores promote them.
  • Handpicked products – eComHunt dropshipping app makes dropship product sourcing so much easier and faster. It is almost like having a dropshipper assistant to help you select dropship products that have the potential to bring in consistent sales.
  • Niche Products – If you thought that Ecomhunt only had competitive or popular products, then you were mistaken. It also informs its members about the hottest selling niche items in different varieties. You can browse through different categories to find the most appropriate item for your store.
  • Facebook AdHunter – This Chrome extension is not just a benefit for users of EcomHunt, but it is also freely available as a benefit to members. With this tool, the user can monitor their Facebook Ads and see what works best among their competitors so they can make edits accordingly and sell more items.
  • Ecomhunt university – One of the best features that EcomHunt offers is their unique training. Subscribers are sent information, videos, and access to a pre-built funnel to help them build an e-commerce business.
  • Ecomhunt Masterclass – In order to complement dropshipping, EcomHunt Official provides a comprehensive list of advanced topics that can improve the performance of your store. Topics such as copywriting, Facebook Ad, and email marketing are included in this course for $99 per person.

What i like about Ecomhunt

  • Easy to find trending products and daily update of interesting products
  • EcomHunt is a product research tool that helps you populate your dropshipping store with products that will sell.
  • EcomHunt is a research tool that helps you analyze your competition.
  • EcomHunt is a product research tool that helps you research and choose the products to sell on your store.
  • The Pro version unlocks all features and is reasonably priced.
  • The EcomHunt app’s money-back guarantee means there is little risk.

What i dislike about Ecomhunt

  • Free Membership – This is limited and doesn’t give you tailored data specifically for your targeting. It does give you a number of resource options, like product research with in-depth analytics on how much a product will cost as well as what the seller needs to have done before ordering it too.
  • The EcomHunt website should be updated to include more unique products daily so that the tool can be a viable resource for dropshippers.

Why I choose Ecomhunt over other dropship tools?

I choose ecomhunt dropshipping because on ecomhunt i can find a lot of products that is dropship for free dropshipping store.

What have you learn from EcomHunt dropship?

The first lesson i learn from ecomhunt dropshipping, this app still need to build website and facebook shop to make money. After that, he start dropship some product if want more money just drop shipping in amazon. The next step is promote your product and sell in amazon marketplace. That will help me not only earn profit but also get the trust from customer about the quality of the goods i sell it on my website or store Facebook Bussiness Page . As you know each customer may spend thousands times to buy your dropship product. So when they check out on ecomhunt website or storefronts they like to see many good comments and reviews about dropshipping store sells the same product . Ecomhunt dropship will give you some dropshipping product to sell on your dropship store for free dropshipping. Another lesson i learned from ecomhunt dropship is if you want to make more money just wait for the promotion period like Black Friday , Cyber Monday, and Christmas days. You can find many new customer will buy your dropship product and maybe they will check out on ecomhunt website again just remember to send them discount code or give them hot items in your dropship store that time.

5 Tips to Improve My Dropshipping Store Using EcomHunt Dropshipper App

Here are 5 tips that I think every dropshipper needs.

1) Study Other Stores – There’s no shame in copying successful dropshippers. EcomHunt has a section where dropshippers can enter the URL of their stores and share what products they find most profitable to dropship, which are some great places to find ideas for dropshipping SKU’s.

2) Manage Expectations – Many dropshippers have unrealistic expectations about how much money they’ll make with dropshipping; it is true that you won’t be able to quit your day job immediately even if you’re dropshipping expensive items, but over the long term, dropshipping can be a sustainable way to earn money in your spare time while also developing valuable skills.

3) Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource – If you want to see real income from dropshipping, you’ll need to be prepared to outsource some tasks to other people. This can take a lot of time and effort, but if you’re dropshipping products that are already made (clothing and accessories, for example), it should become more manageable over time as your dropship store begins making sales.

4) Build A Brand – It’s possible to dropship successfully without branding your dropship store, but personally I think that dropshipping is much more enjoyable when there’s an element of personalization involved; dropshippers who have strong brands tend to see better results.

5) Don’t Give Up Too Soon – Many dropshippers give up on dropshipping because they’re impatient and want big dropship income fast. It can take months of dropshipping every day, investing money in ads, and promoting your dropshipper store before you see the kinds of dropship sales that will make it worth your time. If you’re dropshipping goods that can be sold for at least $10 to $20, dropshipping should be a profitable way to earn extra income over time even if dropship sale are slow in the beginning.

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Here are some more tips I’ve learned from dropshipping –

Tip 1 :  Find sales for hot items – You can easily find out what the top sellers of each category are by going into the Oberlo ‘Insights’ tab on your dashboard (the picture below shows an example of what it looks like). This helps me know what dropship products to list for dropship on Aliexpress.

Tip 2 :  Go to dropship facebook groups – If you’re dropshipping products that are already made (clothing and accessories, for example), it should become more manageable over time as your dropship store begins making sales. There’s also a huge Facebook group called Oberlo Suppliers . This FB group is full of suppliers that dropship directly from AliExpress and dropshippers that have received recommendations from the previous supplier…This will help me know where I can find wholesale items in bulk quantity at good prices from both dropshipper side or dropshipper suppliers without being scammed.

Tip 3 :  Study successful dropshipping stores – There are dropshipping stores out there that have already learned all the mistakes dropshippers make, and they’ve done quite well for themselves because of that. Studying their dropship stores will help me know what I should be doing in my dropshipping store.

Tip 4 :  Use EcomHunt to find hot dropshipping products – One of the ways I decide on an Aliexpress product to dropship is by finding dropshipped products with a high demand on EcomHunt . This is where you can just simply search through any category and it’ll show you 4 different products ranging from most sales to least amount of sales. The number one product sells more than three times as much as the second best-selling item, so if I dropship the product that has an over 3x better chance of selling, it makes dropshipping a lot easier.

Tip 5 :  Use Aliexpress visual search to find dropshipping products – If you see something on pinterest or reddit and want to dropship it, do a visual search using the Aliexpress app . It’s so much more convenient searching this way! You can even use the “completed orders” feature and sort by “Newest” (if you’re doing research) or “Sale” (if you’re actually dropshipping). This is where people are finding recently-posted dropshipper items.



Buy Ecomhunt at affordable pricing from Toolsurf using Ecomhunt group buy for just $3 per month


Frequently asked questions

What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a product research tool that is fully focused on providing winning products with information on how to sell that product.One of the real beauties of Ecomhunt is that it identifies products for your store. The Ecomhunt website describes it as “a curation of the best new products, every day.” This means that it is a legit way to find winnings and the most popular products online.

How Does Ecomhunt Work?

They give you a lot of information, so you know how to sell the product.They see which products are working well and doing the best in the market and which ones can potentially earn significant profits.

What will you get?

You will get a 1 on 1 expert consultant.

What is the product description example?

The product description example is longer, but otherwise, the image would be a bit too big!

What are the most popular order processing apps for dropshippers?

If a product research tool will come with an app like Dropship Spy, but with order processing abilities, then that will be much better, but yeah, Ecomhunt didn’t try to go after Dropship Spy with this and just acknowledged that Oberlo is one of the most popular order processing apps for dropshippers.

Is Ecomhunt For You?

Personally, I think Ecomhunt is great for dropshipping beginners who don’t have much experience yet with their Facebook targeting, or who don’t know what kind of products to sell.

How much does it cost?

You can regis t er here for a free account to check it out, and you can keep that account free for as long as you want.

How do I know if Ecomhunt is right for me?

They will provide you with a lot of useful information with each winning dropshipping product that they publish.

What are the benefits of Ecomhunt?

Most of these extra things are really original, and I didn’t see these (yet) in other product research tools out there.One of the biggest benefits of Ecomhunt is that it identifies best-selling products for your store.

What is Ecomhunt’s Winners Club?

You will get a cool free Ecomhunt T-shirt and a place on their winner’s wall.

What are the videos?

(But you can, of course, use that information to sell other products as well!) For example: Another thing that Ecomhunt included is some amazing tutorial videos.

Is there any learning resources for the members?

But still, I think it’s awesome that they included some learning resources there for their members!

What are the benefits of using Product Research tools?

I personally think this kind of product research tools are great for dropshipping beginners who have no idea what to sell on their dropshipping store.

What is saturated?

Keep in mind with “saturated”, I don’t mean the product itself, but the combination of the product + the information that they provide (for example, the Facebook targeting, video ad, description, and so on).

What are the benefits of Ecomhunt?

Every day, the expert team at Ecomhunt selects and lists new products and provides valuable details about them, including: Product description with images Profit margin and cost information Analytics Engagement details from social media Links to stores selling the products Facebook ads data and real-life examples Product videos Targeting tools and ideas Reviews from buyers It is essentially “a curation of the best new products, every day”, to quote Ecomhunt itself.

What are the links?

The links provide access to other stores selling these products, providing valuable competitor information as well as other useful information about other products that they are selling.

What if I am not satisfied with Ecomhunt?

If you are not happy with what Ecomhunt offers, simply contact the company and a full refund will be provided.

What are the benefits of using analytics tools?

The analytics tools also help you understand the success of each product currently on social media, with data on: Number of shares Likes Comments Total engagement Ratings and reviews Understand the competition The links to suppliers and stores that currently sell the product is a great feature for researching competitors.

What is the best way to get ideas for other products?

As well as the particular product you are researching, by checking out other similar stores, you will automatically get ideas for other products that you can begin to sell and market (just check the best-selling products on each store).

How do I run ads on Facebook?

Run more effective and targeted advertising You can access existing Facebook a

What are the benefits of Dropshipping?

PROS Easy to find and research trending products Reduces the risk of committing to new products Helps you populate your dropshipping store quickly with products that will sell Helps you research the competition thoroughly and quickly Helps you emulate advertising and targeted marketing strategies that work on social media (Facebook) Reasonably priced Pro version unlocks all features The money-back guarantee means very little risk CONS The free version has very limited features (by its own admission) If you’re serious about starting a dropshipping store you will need the pro version, For each product on Ecomhunt, the members are given: Product Description Product Images Profits, RRP (recommended retail price), Costs, and Margins Import Straight to Shopify Option Analytics Saturation Inspector Links to different stores, AliExpress listing, advertisements, and videos Facebook advertising ideas and current adverts Social Media Engagement Ideas Review of the buyers Targeting and Audience ideas One to one Expert Consultation (through the Messenger) The above is a lot of information which Ecomhunt provides for each product, and it is of great help, especially for those who are entirely new at this.

Is Ecomhunt worth it and how does it save time and effort?

EcomHunt saves time and effort by allowing users to save two valuable resources – time and effort – that would otherwise be spent on product research. It streamlines the process and frees up these resources to be used for other aspects of starting a business.

How can someone subscribe to receive relevant content from Ecomhunt?

Get ready to simplify your Shopify dropshipping business with our exclusive app! All you need is your email address to access our premium services. No more wasting time on endless searches or comparing prices from multiple vendors. With our dropshipping app, you can do it all in one place. But that’s not all – we’ve got you covered with relevant content too! Once you sign up, you’ll receive content tailored to your request, delivered straight to your inbox. Don’t forget to check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a streamlined dropshipping experience with our app and curated content!

What are the main features of Ecomhunt?

The main features of Ecomhunt mentioned include access to in-depth product data, identification of trending products, analysis of competition, access to existing Facebook ads and product videos, and tools for running effective and targeted advertising campaigns. These features are designed to help dropshippers make informed decisions, identify profitable products, and successfully market them to the right audience.

How does Ecomhunt aid in running effective and targeted advertising campaigns?

Ecomhunt provides access to existing Facebook ads and a free product video that can be displayed on the dropshipper’s store. By studying these ads and videos, dropshippers can formulate their own successful marketing strategies on Facebook and target specific audiences with their advertising campaigns.

How does Ecomhunt assist in understanding competition?

Ecomhunt offers links to suppliers and stores that currently sell a specific product, allowing dropshippers to research competitors. By analyzing these competitors and their stores, dropshippers can gain insights and ideas for other products that they can sell and market.

How does Ecomhunt help identify trending products?

Ecomhunt helps users identify trending products by providing data on sales and insights on how to set up effective Facebook ads to target the desired audience. By analyzing the provided data, dropshippers can determine which products are currently popular and in-demand.

What data does Ecomhunt provide about products?

Ecomhunt provides in-depth data on product information, recommended selling price, saturation degree, product analytics, Facebook Ads, and other dropshipping stores. This includes information on sales/orders, product source, profit potential, and social media engagement metrics like shares, likes, comments, ratings, and reviews.

What are the Best Products to Sell?

Since the competition in internet marketing and selling is vast, you need to have the hottest products which you can sell and make a difference.

How do I use the Ecomhunt plug-in?

Even though this plug-in is free of cost, you do need to have an Ecomhunt account for this feature.

What are the links to sellers and retailers?

Links to sellers and retailers actually offering the product are a core aspect of market analysis.

What are the benefits of using analytics tools?

Analytics tools also allow you to consider the popularity of each current company on social media, with data on: Number of shares Comments Likes Ratings and reviews Total engagement

How do I get more sales?

Using Ecomhunt manually adds a good product to your online shop on a regular basis, helping you to avoid wasting less time on mediocre items, as well as avoid spending your money on useless goods.


EcomHunt is one of the most popular AliExpress dropshipping product research tools among dropshippers. It offers a wide range of powerful features and many useful resources to help you get started dropshipping quickly and successfully. EcomHunt is a product research tool that curates unique and interesting dropshipping products every day. The tool gives you access to in-depth data on product information, recommended selling price, saturation degree, product analytics, Facebook Ads, and other dropshipping stores.

Dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick  scheme. When I dropship, my goal is to dropship enough items at least cover the cost of the initial investment (most dropshipping stores can’t make any money until this happens on large scale). But dropshipping offers many benefits for me: it helps me make extra cash with as little work as possible, and ensures that I’m working what I enjoy doing .

So now you know more about dropshipping than 99.99% of people out there. It will take some time for dropshipping store to start making sales; however, when you do finally get your dropshippers store going, dropship income fast! You’ll also be more knowledgeable on dropshipping than you were before, which will help dropshippers make their dropship business a success.

I have been dropshipping for over 20 years since the year 2000 dropshipping has helped me learn valuable lessons about running a dropship business on Aliexpress and eBay. I think dropshipping is a great dropship business model for beginners to start dropshipping and learn more about dropship on Aliexpress. I am also dropshipping on eBay but dropshipping is a better dropship business opportunity because it offers a low entry point into the market. A successful dropshipper can make $5,000-$10,000 per month dropshipping on Aliexpress alone. I think dropshipping is a great dropship business opportunity and have had good success with it.