Freepik Review – How to find free stock photos and vectors for your next project

Freepik Review - How to find free stock photos and vectors for your next project

It can be difficult to find graphics that are available for use without paying either an exclusive license or the purchase of exclusive ownership.

Freepik has been making a name for themselves in the web design industry. Freepik  provides high-quality, copyright-free graphics to web designers around the globe at no charge.

Continue reading this Freepik Review for a detailed look at the service and what it is worth.

What is Freepik?

freepik review
freepik review

Freepik can be described as software-as-a-service platform. This infographic software is integrated with a search engine to find premium and free vector designs. Freepik is a website that allows you to find vector graphics. You can use some of them for free, while others are paid.

You can choose from thousands of vectors, icons and illustrations. Freepik is constantly adding new resources. You must give credit to the creator if you wish to make use of some free resources. If you pay for a vector graphic, there is no need to give credit. You can use the resources that you download from Freepik for personal or commercial purposes.

An image is the key to any piece of content, whether it’s a blog post or a flyer, social media post or banner. Visuals are powerful. It is crucial to find the right image, icon, or design. Problem is, not everyone can be a designer. These graphic elements may need to be sourced from third parties.

These design elements can be found on dozens of websites. Some offer everything free of charge. Some providers will charge you for any resources you choose from their library. Some providers offer premium and free resources. Freepik is a third category. This is a freemium service.

Freepik offers some resources for free, while others require payment. You must give credit to the authors of any free resources. You must credit the creators of the graphics you use. You can purchase a premium subscription to use premium graphics without giving credit.

According to the company, it receives 100+ million downloads per month across all of its platforms.

Let me start by describing the pros and cons of this service.

What are Freepik Premium licenses?

freepik premium
freepik premium

Freepik Premium has its own licenses for the resources available on the site, and these allow you to use Freepik content without having to credit the author (Freepik), provided that you have purchased one of the available subscription plans.

Please remember to download the license PDF files while your subscription is active and keep them in a safe place, since you won’t be able to download these again once your subscription has expired.

The use of our images is subject to compliance with our Terms of Use. You can check our Usage guides to learn more about how to use Freepik resources.

The Pros and Cons of Freepik

The Pros of Freepik

  • Massive collection: Freepik provides a huge collection of vectors and PSDs as well as photos for all its users. There are many components available. It’s easy to find the graphic or image you are looking for. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you will not have any trouble finding the right thing.
  • Freepik is a great platform to make money: You can use Freepik if you are a photographer or a designer. You can submit work to Freepik reviewby the editors. After the work is approved by the editors, you can submit more content to Freepik and earn when someone buys one or more of the works.
  • A neat categorization: Freepik uses a tidy category structure. You can find all the elements and resources on Freepik. They are divided into four main categories: Icons, Stock Photos (PSD Files), Vectors, and Vectors.
  • Each broad category has many sub-categories. These sub-categories allow you to narrow down your search. Freepik’s navigation system is very user-friendly.

The Cons of Freepik

  • Free users are limited: You don’t have to register with Freepik to use the site. You should know, however, that you have the option of signing up or not for the site as a free user.
  • You can only download three resources per day if you don’t register. This limit is increased to 10 resources per day if you register.
  • Poor customer service: The customer service department at Freepik is another big problem. Many users have complained about the rudeness and incompetence of the support staff. Some users complained about the unreliability of customer service and that they were charged for subscriptions even though they had cancelled. This can be very frustrating for anyone.
  • Contributor model sucks! Many contributors complain that Freepik’s model is poor. Many have spent hours creating graphic resources, only to earn cents. There are also complaints about publishing standards that are too strict, which prevents many contributors from being accepted.

What does Freepik offer?


Freepik provides a variety of graphics you can download and then use. Let’s take a look at each one.

Freepik’s primary offering is vectors. More than 100,000+ vectors are available in 40 categories. You can find everything you need, including vectors of animals and maps, logo templates and silhouettes of humans.

If you give proper attribution, you will receive over 80,000 resources free of charge. Premium users have access to over 3,000,000 premium resources, which can be used with or without attribution.

While resources reflect the great design skills of contributors, there are many resources that don’t look right, especially icons.

Flaticon was created by the founders of Freepik in 2013. Since then, icon searches on Freepik have redirected to Flaticon. To download an icon pack, you will need to register. Flaticon offers 10 icons per day, but you can only download them from Flaticon.

You can download more icons by becoming a premium user. This will allow you to not only download the complete icon pack but also remove the need to give attribution. If you purchase a yearly subscription, the premium membership will cost €7.49 per month. The cost of a monthly subscription plan will be €9.99 per month.


Freepik also offers stock photographs. It is also a freemium site. Freepik offers some images for free. However, you must give credit. For many, this is the reason things don’t work. For example, I don’t like giving attribution. This is why I only use premium stock images. I also use Pixabay, which does not require me to give attribution. Pixabay does not require you to give attribution.

However, stock photos from Freepik are always allowed. Be sure to credit the source. If you’re looking to purchase premium images, you don’t have to attribute, it is possible.

Freepik has well over seven millions photos that you can use. These images can be stored in 50 different categories. Each category has a huge collection. Search terms that are less common or not as popular will not produce many relevant images. To find the most relevant images, you need to narrow your search.


PSDs are one the most popular offerings at Freepik . PSD templates are available for many subjects, and they can be divided into 20 different categories. They have mockups, emails and objects.

Although the collection isn’t as large as vectors or stock photos, it still contains hundreds of thousands PSDs. There are more than 200,000 premium PSD files.

These PSDs are great for editors, marketers, and bloggers. You can download the PSD and edit it to create the image you want. You are done! You are done!


Stories are basically illustrations. These illustrations can be customized to suit your needs. You can also edit the elements such as background color, foreground color, and so on.

Freepik allows users to animated the illustrations. It is easy to add animations. Animation can be added to the exit or entrance. Loop animations such as shaking, spinning and heartbeat can be used.

Animation can be defined by you. Each action can be delayed. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

It is easy to export the animation. It can be saved as either a GIF or video file. If you wish, you can also get the embed code. You can also see the export screen from a preview window so you can compare it to a desktop or a smartphone.

Stories can be a powerful way to create visually stunning visuals that grab attention. You might not be able to get the illustration you desire. It can be used for basic tasks.

Professionals are the best way to get something customized for you. Stroyset is free at the time of writing. There is also a link to Storyset from Freepik. However, clicking it will take you to a different website. It allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.


Freepik also offers this new service, which provides editable slides templates for Power Point and Google Slides. You read that right. The templates can be used for personal or commercial purposes. There are currently no premium options. You will need to give credit.


Online editing tool that can be used to download and customize various types of design templates for social media, marketing, and more. The tool can be used to add GIFs, stickers, music, and other interactive elements to Wepik’s design templates.


The Flaticon website exclusively offers icons. There are no other forms of graphics for you to download from there. As the name suggests, all icons you find on the site are flat icons.

Flaticons simple refer to a unique design type that uses a blend of flat colors in which you get least contrast but better highlighting and shadow details. You are not going to get glossy icons at Flaticon.

Freepik Plan & Pricing

freepik price
freepik price

Freepik’s pricing structure is simple. You can choose to subscribe for either a monthly or yearly subscription.

You will need to pay €9.99 per month if you choose their monthly subscription. If you choose their yearly plan, your annual subscription will cost €89.99 per year at €7.50 per month.

It is more profitable to sign up for their annual plan, as it can result in significant savings over time or join our Freepik group buy below

Freepik group buy from Toolsurf

freepik group buy
freepik group buy

We purchased and tried Freepik. However, the 100 files per day were too much and we couldn’t use them all. So we decided to open it up and let you use it.

Freepik group buy from us allows you to download between 10 and 15 images per day. There are 3 options available:

  • Freepik free trial 1 day: $1
  • Monthly: $4

You will have direct access to our shared system after you purchase from us just $4 per month

Buy Freepik Now

How does Freepik make money?

Freepik is the best design resource on the planet. It allows you to make money by producing content.

How can you make money with Freepik. It’s easy… Create a Contributor account and upload the required images to start making money. It’s that simple!

You will see a significant increase in your business if you produce high-quality, unique content that can be profitable and useful.

What is the Contributor Model and how does it work?

This unique model allows you to make royalties on your work. Similar to the other models, there are restrictions and benefits that depend on whether the plan is paid or free.

The Contributor model was created in 2015 to make it easier for users to earn money on the platform. There are three levels to the Contributor model, each with its own set of requirements. Each level outlines the procedure for achieving expert status as a contributor.

Freepik Contributor Model Levels:

  • Level 1: This level is the initial step for new contributors. You will need to upload 20 images for this level. This level will remain until you have 20 images published. Level 1 users upload images via the Web Upload Method.
  • Level 2: After you have 20 files published, you can move on to the next level. You can upload up to 100 images at this level. You must upload 100 files to be able to move on to the next level. Level 2 contributors can also use the Web Upload Method.
  • Level 3: This level is the last one a contributor can reach. You must upload 20 to 1000 files at this level. As a contributor to Level 3, you will use the FTP Upload Method. This method allows you to upload unlimited files, as long as they don’t exceed 1000.

Referral program

You can also earn money through Freepik’s Referral Program. Refer a friend to Freepik and you will earn extra cash.

You will be able to find your link in your contributor panel once you have registered on the platform. To get your reward, you must register your friends using your link, and then become active contributors.

Most often, your friends will sign up using your referral link to become contributors to the platform. They then need to post material to earn ‘active contributor’ status. You will receive $50 for every friend you recommend after meeting these requirements.

What amount of money can you expect to make as a contributor to the project?

Freepik’s contributor model bases earnings on contributors’ accumulated downloads. The total number of resources downloaded by contributors is the royalty.

Monthly payouts and royalty calculations are made. All downloads, whether paid or unpaid, add to your earnings. The platform doesn’t usually have a fixed price to download a file.

Contributors earn more when they are part of the Premium Plan, unlike the free option. How? How? Your earnings will also go up this way.

How payment is calculated

The following formula is used to calculate commission from premium contributor plans:

Freepik  calculates each day’s subscription fees and calculates the total subscription fee. The total number of downloads is then calculated. The total number of downloads is divided by the average daily subscription.

This is the total ‘per illustration price’ for that day. This multiplied number is multiplied with 0.5 to determine the 50% rate. The price of each illustration can vary per day depending on their calculations.

Freepik Conclusion

It is evident that Freepik has one of the largest graphic resource libraries. You can find millions of visuals across many industries, topics, styles, and subjects.

It’s a versatile tool that allows individuals and social media marketing/social media team to instantly improve the visual appeal of their content. It is an invaluable tool for dynamic web content. You can quickly select an image and download it, edit it, and then publish it.

Freepik’s best option for contributors is still unknown. Freepik’s Contributor Model makes it easy for newbies or people who are just starting out in professional illustration. This platform allows you to express your creativity and make money.

The Contributor Model, unlike most freelance platforms, cannot provide creators with a monthly income. It might also not be able to pay the expected salary of an experienced professional.

In conclusion, Freepik is a great resource for designers and other creative professionals who are looking for high-quality, free vector graphics and photos. The site offers a wide range of materials that can be used for both personal and commercial projects. While the selection is not as extensive as some of the paid resources out there, the quality of the material on Freepik is very good. So if you’re looking for some free vector graphics or photos, definitely check out Freepik.